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Mantle Clocks

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Surrey Mantle Clock with Auto Set Feature

Our Mantle Clock is the perfect size to fit anywhere in your home or office. It fits nicely on a desk, piano, shelf, etc… Its unique standalone look will certainly add a distinct and charming look no matter where the clock is placed.

Mantle Clocks are a very decorative type of clock. The versatility of a mantle clock to enhance a room is why you see them in a living room, reading room, TV room, etc… It is also why you see Mantle Clocks at law offices, doctor offices and all types of professional offices.

Our mantle clock base is slightly larger than 17 inches long. The Windsor Cherry finish gives the clock an elegant tone and stature. The dial face is framed with a brass-finished bezel. The bezel has a striking look against the cherry wood finish. The dial face is white and numbered with black roman numerals thereby providing the complete look of sophistication. 

The clock operates on a single AA battery and the chime operates on 2 AA batteries. The Chime has a nighttime shut off from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM. The nighttime shut off option is perfect during the night so the clock will not interrupt your sleep.

Mantle clocks have a wonderful history. Antique mantle clocks are some of the most collectible clocks in the world. They were developed in the 1800s when most clock manufacturer produced wall clocks. The mantle clock got their name because they were historically placed on a fireplace mantle.

Today these beautiful clocks can be seen anywhere in the home. They not only initiate a conversation with their look but the Westminster Chimes are a pleasant attention getter.

The Chase Clocks Mantle Clock has a gorgeous look coupled with a wonderful chime. This makes this clock the ideal gift for not only for you but also for a friend or relative. 

The universal and soft look of this clock is one reason it makes a perfect gift. You can give the gift of a Mantle Clock without any worry if it will be appropriate. The clock is not too large or small. The light cherry wood finish is adaptable to any room.  The dial face is clear and crisp.

When you are looking for the perfect gift to give someone this home clock will excite anybody. We built this clock with an excellent clock motor thereby ensuring years of use. The five-inch diameter dial face amply provides for viewing from any angle.

Own a treasure that provides not only accurate time and an appealing look but also the beautiful sound of Westminster chimes.

We priced our Mantle Clock so that everybody could own a piece of time history. Upgrade the look and feel of any room in your house. Buy one TODAY and enjoy it for years to come!

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