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Surrey Mantle Clock with Auto Set Feature

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Product Description


Surrey Mantle Clock with Auto Set Feature

It is hard to beat the elegant look and feel of a Chase Mantle Clock. Our mantle clock has a striking dial face trimmed with a Brass Finished Bezel. The bezel securely fits into a beautiful wood frame. The white dial face is numbered with black roman numerals thereby providing the complete look.

Our Mantle Clock delivers the perfect Mother’s Day Gift or a gift for any occasion. This home or office clock is equipped with a beautiful chime. The chime can be turned on or off. The clock operates on a single AA battery and the chime operates on 2 AA batteries.

A mantle clock is ideal for any room in your house. When mantle clocks were developed in the 1800s most clocks were typically wall clocks. The mantle clock received its name because they historically were placed on a mantle above the fireplace.

Today these beautiful clocks can be appropriately placed anywhere in the home. They offer the charm and simplicity of yesterday but the advantages of newer technology.  This is a maintenance free mantle clock. It is the perfect décor clock.  A gorgeous look coupled with a wonderful chime.

When you are looking for the perfect gift to give someone this home clock is ideal.  It is unique and operates with an excellent movement providing for years of use. It also catches ones eye with its striking simple elegance.

This analog clock makes a soft yet pronounced addition to a room. The five inch diameter dial face amply provides for viewing from any angle. Nevertheless, the dial face is not too large that it becomes the main focus point.  The 17 ½” base provides for a sturdy but sleek presentation.

The extra added feature of this clock is it has an Auto Set motor that will automatically adjust for daylight saving time both in the spring and fall.  You will have accurate time all the time.

Own a mantle clock and see how it dresses up your home.  The Chase Mantle is priced to give you the most value of any mantle clock on the market today.  If you are looking for the ideal home clock you may have found it!


  • High Quality Windsor Cherry on Select Hardwoods and Veneers
  • White Dial inside a convex crystal, polished brass finished bezel, black roman numerals and brass second hand
  • Featuring an Auto Set Motor that automatically updates at Daylight Savings without needing signal
  • Movement will play Westminster Chimes on the hour and also count on the hour
  • Automatic nighttime chime shut off option
  • 1 yr Warranty

Product Specification

8 1/2" H x 17 3/4" W x 4 1/2" D

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