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Twin Bell

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Twin Bell Alarm Clock White Dial
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Twin Bell Alarm Clock Black Dial

Want a new beginning to your day? We have the perfect alarm clocks for you. These twin bell alarm clocks will get you out of bed and on the right track to your day.

This alarm clock is a real classic. There is a reason the Twin Bell has stood the test of time and is the number one alarm clock today.

Our Twin Bell Alarm operates on two AA batteries. It has the perfect size of 6" x 2 1/4" x 4" to sit beside your bed.

The illuminated hands and the touch-activated backlight make it easy for to see the time night or day. We offer both a white dial face and a black dial face.

The sharp black dial face with the neon green numbers provide for a superior look. The crystal white dial face option with its neon green numbers provide for excellent viewing.

The ringing of the twin bells that sits high on the brushed metal frame produce the right sound to get you up and out of bed. These clocks also add the right touch that only a classic alarm clock can provide. When you own a Chase Clocks Twin Bell Alarm Clock you have a real classic.

The dial face is framed in a beautiful and elegant brushed finish with the twin bells sitting on the top. This clock features a set of high quality hour, minute and second hands.

The alarm hand on each model is distinct, thereby, providing for a clear and easy way to set your alarm with confidence.

The back of the clock is where you will find the clock controls. The controls are large enough for easy access and operation. The alarm is very straightforward to use. You will be provided clear instructions with your purchase that will allow you to easily operate your clock and to set the alarm.

The Twin Bell Alarm Clocks strike the perfect cord with a beautiful morning alert that is just loud enough to wake you up but no to loud. We have blended to correct volume to ensure that the start of your day is perfect.

This clock is a nice choice as a gift to a college or high school student. Buy one to give as a gift to someone or a gift to yourself. Like our other feature-rich clocks we pack a lot of value into our alarm clocks at a very affordable price.

Chase Clocks has a foundation of over 40 years experience in the clock business. We believe in durability and high quality. The Twin Bell Alarm Clocks embodies these attributes and are very popular because of their functionality and their appealing presence.

We offer our Twin Bell Alarm Clocks at a Special factory direct pricing and if you add two AA batteries you will have a superb alarm clock.

Start Your Day off Better with a Twin Bell Alarm Clock!

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